BCI Technology is a wholly owned subsidiary company of Bushell & Cornish, being an award winning specialist in business and complex systems integration, in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector.  Jointly incorporated in 1995, BCI Technology has evolved and developed to complement Bushell & Cornish’s services, as a technical specialist ICT consultancy.   BCI supports Bushell & Cornish with advanced architectural standards, frameworks, methods, tools, dashboards and data services via the cloud, to reinforce client assignments.  BCI also provisions uniquely valuable services in software forensics, assurance and requirements engineering.

In addition to supporting Bushell & Cornish, BCI Technology independently delivers premium program management, systems and software engineering solutions that tame the complexity of technology enabled business transformation. These products and services are delivered across seven key service lines, incorporating an in-house R&D unit, BCI Labs, our very own innovation laboratory, which incubates, refines, tests and continuously improves our methods, products and services – for improved visibility, integration, control and capability.