Business Consulting

We help our clients solve issues, create value, maximise growth and improve business performance.

For over 20 years, Bushell & Cornish has successfully delivered world class business consulting services, offering practical, useable advice, drawing on extensive experience and embracing world class multi-disciplinary approaches to our clients issues.   Our success lies in the abilities of our high quality people, our versatility in working with a variety of stakeholders demanding different skill sets, combined with our unique capability in provisioning standards compliant methods and tools.

We work with our clients to assess and improve any aspect of their organisation, including leadership, strategy and planning, people, information and knowledge, service delivery, Information and Communications Technology, product quality and bottom-line results.

  • Business Planning
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Project Evaluation
  • Business Transformation & Change
  • Process Improvement

We recognise the unique nature of each organisation when looking within to address key questions, such as;

‘how are we really performing as an organisation?’

‘what are we good at?’

‘what do we need to improve?’

We are adept in using world class innovate methods including Harvard Business School and the Business Analysts Body of Knowledge (BABOK®).We have expertise in applying Lean Six Sigma methodologies and the Australian Business Excellence Framework, to client issues and opportunities, and are expert in SFIA application.

Our established client base is primarily constituted by local, state and federal government agencies predominantly in Health, Education, Treasury and Transport as well as local and global companies in the aerospace, resource and technical industries.

Consistent with the internationally recognised Business Excellence Framework we ensure that the organisational review remains holistic; that is, it encompasses all levels of the organisation and considers all factors that can influence performance. We work to enable organisations to clarify the factors inhibiting or accelerating advancement.