Outplacement and Career Transitioning

We are well placed to advise those seeking to re-position themselves or to identify a new career opportunity.

Bushell & Cornish is well positioned to provide valuable executive career management services to persons displaced from their positions or to those seeking a career change. Using a needs analysis approach, we develop a tailored program to suit each individual’s particular requirements.  We have an in-depth knowledge of the employment market gained through the daily interactions with industry of our executive search and selection consultants.

Consequently we are well placed to advise those seeking to re-position themselves or to identify a new career opportunity.

Our one-on-one outplacement service includes:

  • Initial and ongoing counselling to discuss the candidates new circumstances and to support the emotional and psychological needs of the displaced employee;
  • Discussion of strengths and weaknesses and appraisal of transferable skills and competencies. We apply a range of psychometric instruments which aim to provide the candidate with an objective evaluation of his/her skills inventory;
  • Career evaluation and review of the candidate’s CV with regular face to face sessions to clarify career objectives and the options available to the outplacement candidate;
  • Commencement and advancement of a targeted job search plan;
  • Assistance with resume preparation and coaching in interview techniques;
  • Guidance in accessing the job market including the hidden jobs market. This may include introduction of the candidate to particular client companies of Bushell & Cornish which may have an application for the candidate’s services;
  • Provision of an office including office support and secretarial services.

During the contracted period, candidates have the benefit of the extensive business networks of the Bushell & Cornish organisation. Various career management skills can be acquired including career planning, preparing letters of application and application protocols, communication strategies, self-marketing, interview planning and interview techniques, employment offer negotiation and closure. The support and mentoring provided will also aim to develop a person’s resilience and ability to negotiate an environment of increasing organisational change.

Our comprehensive services are supplied on an individual, one-on-one basis so that the service can be flexible and tailored to the changing needs of candidates as they move through the programme.

  • Counselling
  • Appraisal of competencies
  • Career Evaluation
  • Targeted Job Search Plan
  • Guidance and Introductions
  • Office Support